Day 5: So Many New Parts!

Tons of progress today! Wheels are now reinforced and a bit less derpy than yesterday. We also fix a bug when attaching balloons to a device.

We also implement our first viewer suggestion: balloons now collide with each other! Attach all your balloons to neighboring sticks, and you can hold a nice looking cluster that’d even make Puddles smile.

Last but not least, we add another unpowered piece to our toolbox: springs! These are the stretchy counterpart to sticks.

Watch the day’s stream:

Day 4: Balloons! They’re Wheelie Fun!

Today: Balloons and Wheels! We also add in animation when sticks break.

We continue the engine development from yesterday, and clean up its implementation. Our first anti-gravity device: balloons! Careful attaching too many of these, or your contraption will float away! We also add in basic wheels – each composed of multiple sub-sticks and points.

Watch the day’s stream: