Day 9: Submitting for Beta Review

Today I renamed the Xcode project to “spareparts” and submitted a build to iTunesConnect for beta review! I’d like to get that through review asap so we can start iterating on beta builds quickly. We’ll see!

We also work on a new sidebar to hold the various parts! Next stream we’ll likely work on a graphics update, but the usability is much improved!

It’s a silent stream today (was working at Starbucks, surprisingly good wifi :))

Two streams today! First is a silent stream getting iTunes Connect setup:

Watch the stream where we build the sidebar:

Day 8: Textures!

Today we started work on drawing all of the different pieces with different textures! It looks arguably even more silly than before, and that’s a great start on the UI in my opinion!

Next up will be to change how the buttons / choose part works, and also start searching for a suitable background for the app.

Only 1 week left to get this finished enough to submit to Apple!

Watch the day’s stream: