May 4th: Code Cleanup and Collapsible Sidebar

Today’s stream we started some much needed code-cleanup. Balloons now use all the same logic as all of the other parts – they used to be a class of their own. We also made the sidebar collapsible, so you have even more screen space to build your contraptions!

Watch the day’s stream:

May the 4th be with you!

Live in the App Store: Download Spare Parts!

icon-rounded-512It’s live!

Download Spare Parts on the App Store!

The 2 week open source live stream 2D physics game app experiment is live in the App Store!


Building Spare Parts:

  1. Completed in just 14 days
  2. Roughly 24 hours of coding
  3. Spanning 18 streaming sessions

It’s been an fun and exciting process to build an app this openly and quickly. 100% of the dev has been live streamed, and 100% of the code is available for download.

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